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Six-Week Update: Bevington Road

We are now six weeks into the works on Bevington Road, and keeping well to schedule. Opening up works have uncovered a lot of difference in the construction even within each house.

Scaffolding has been constructed around the houses, with the order of works being carefully decided due to a potential that swifts may be nesting in the houses. As part of the project, we will be putting up swift boxes on these houses, which will hopefully encourage nesting — but not in the eaves!

Stripping-out work internally is well underway, with doorframes, skirting boards, ceilings and walls being removed sequentially from House 1.

The brick boiler room between house 6 and 7 and part brick part timber ‘building’ between house 8 and 9 have now been removed. This coming week will see the removal of the garage between house 9 and 10.

Floor boards are being removed from the ground floor areas and set aside for ‘recycling’ by social impact project, RAW — read more about them here: